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September 6 2012

Abbott's Coalition Wins Big in Australia

Australia is seeing a departure from Rudd's Labour Party in the most recent election. The Liberal-National Party of Abbott will have the largeset parliamentary majority since 1996. They pledge to abolish carbon pricing and the mining tax.

September 5 2013

China May Cut Growth Forecast

The chief economist at a state run reserach institution, Fan Jianping, has hinted that China wil cut its 2014 growth target to 7% for 2014. This falls in line with the stated average growth of 7% a year outlined in the 2011-2015 five year plan.

September 5 2013

Greek Recession Not As Bad As Expected

Thanks to record tourism this year, the Greek economy is expected to contract less than initially forecast. Q2 2013 saw a decline of 3.8% in GDP, less than the 4.6% expected. This figure of 3.8% was the smallest in the past three years.